(Robot) welding


Manual welding

Dulasta employs twenty manual welders. All our welders are certified in order to comply with the strictest quality requirements (NEN-EN ISO 3834-2). We are qualified to perform welding work on high-strength steel up to 100 mm thickness. Refer to our page ‘certificates’ to view all our certificates. We provide manual Mig/Mag, submerged arc welding and shielded metal arc welding services. Manual welding is available for single pieces and small series of a product. We also provide manual welding services for large workpieces. Our manual welding department has a crane with a lifting capacity up to 40,000 kg. We have enough surface area to assemble large-scale weldments.

Robot welding

Robot welding is the ideal production method for serial work or for welding large weldments. Robot welding allows for high and constant quality in the welding work. This is a result of a machine taking over work from a human. In the case of serial work, robot welding significantly reduces the production costs in comparison with manual welding. With as an additional benefit the fact that the quality is safeguarded.

Dulasta has been working with welding robots since 1990. This means that we have a lot of experience and knowledge in this field. Currently we have 13 welding robots with various different capacities (see machine overview) up to a maximum length of 36 metres. This machinery allows us to make robot-welded weldments up to a very large scale. The programs used for robot welding are being programmed offline, using ingenious software. We can fully simulate the whole welding cycle and if necessary optimise it before actual production commences.

All our welding robots are equipped with a thread-detection system, which allows the robot to use the thread to carefully determine where the product is positioned on the mold and where it has to weld. All robots are also equipped with a tracking system that follows the welding seam. If heat application causes a product to bend, the robot will constantly correct itself and follow the product optimally. These systems guarantee the highest quality possible in robot welding.

We use external manipulation axes on which we clamp workpieces through a quick changing system. These external axes allow for a perfect positioning of the products such that robot welding can be performed in the optimal position.

Longitudinal seam welding

We use longitudinal seam welding machines for long, straight welds, for instance in trailer building or hall construction. These machines are equipped with multiple torches that follow the product in a linear movement during the welding process, using a tracking system. The longitudinal seam welding machines are freely programmable over a maximum length of 14 metres. The seam welding machines are equipped with an alternating work function adjustable in width.

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