Bending may be one of the follow-up processes of laser-cut, plasma-cut or oxy-fuel-cut metal sheet. Dulasta ranks among the companies with the widest range of machinery when it comes to bending sheet metal in Europe. We can bend small and large products, up to profiles of 18 metres in length in one and the same location. We can perform bending work with 10 different machines, each with their own unique tools. This allows us to make the most complex profiles. The machine overview shows each machine’s capacity.

Dulasta has invested in a large assortment of bending tools, among others large gooseneck bending tools. This way we can make certain profiles with a smaller number of actions than our competitors. With a maximum press force of 3000 tonnes (800 tonnes per metre) we can bend sheet metal up to 80 millimetres in thickness. In short: we are also your partner when it comes to the heaviest sheet metal.

We will gladly advise you, also in the engineering phase, in making the sheet designs for complex workpieces.

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