Plasma/ Oxfuel cutting

Plasma and oxyfuel cutting allows us to process sheets of a higher thickness than is possible with laser cutting. We can cut sheets of up to 40 mm thick (with plasma cutting) or up to 200 mm thick (with oxyfuel cutting). Our machines can handle sheet dimensions of up to 27,000 x 3,000 mm, and we can also further process the cut metal thanks to a bending machine capable of handling large sizes. We are happy to provide any advice you may need in choosing between plasma or laser cutting. In both cases, we can guarantee compliance with EN-ISO 9013-432 requirements.

Engraving and ink marking are also possible during plasma or oxyfuel cutting, which can make it easier to position the cut metal in a welding assembly.

Since the plasma cutting machine is equipped with a 3D bevel head, we can automatically perform several welding edge preparation steps during the cutting process.

We can round off the sharp edges of plasma-cut metal on our deburring line.