Laser cutting

Laser cutting is the most accurate process for cutting steel sheets, and the best option in case of small tolerances. All our laser cutting work meets EN-ISO 903-331 requirements. For laser cutting Dulasta uses two laser cutting machines, with a range of 8,000 x 2,500 mm, which allow us to cut up to 20mm in steel. The major advantage of laser cutting is its accuracy. For example, tap holes can be cut using this method so that only threading is needed afterwards, saving the extra processing step of drilling a hole. 

With our laser cutting machines we can also engrave the metal, for example to mark drawing numbers or bend lines.

Large-size laser cutting

Recently a new laser cutting machine is added to the machine park. The addition of this machine extended the range of laser cutting to 16.000 x 3.000 mm. With this machine, we can cut up to 35 mm in steel.

The new laser cutting machine is equiped with a 15 kW laser source and a 3D bevel head. Since the laser cutting machine is equipped with a 3D bevel head, we can automatically perform several welding edge preparation steps during the cutting process.