Laser cutting, plasma cutting, and autogenic cutting can be followed up by the bending process. Dulasta has one of the most comprehensive installations in Europe for the bending of sheet metal. In one location we can bend all sizes, from the smallest products right up to large scale pieces with a maximum length of 18 meters. Bending can be done on ten different machines which each have a unique set of tools. This means we can bend sheet metal to produce the most complex forms. 

Dulasta has invested in a large range of bending machinery including large gooseneck equipment. This means we can bend certain forms in fewer stages than our competitors. With a maximum pressing force of 3000 tonnes (800 tonnes per meter) we can bend sheet metal up to 100 millimetres thick. You can come to us for even the most heavy-duty sheet metalwork.

We will be happy to advise you, even during the engineering phase, in calculating sheet metal flat patterns for complex pieces.