Assembly and robot welding XXL

Robot welding is the ideal production method for serial production or welding large assemblies. The machine’s accuracy enables a high and consistent quality, and in the case of serial production it represents substantial cost savings compared to hand welding.

20 years of experience

Dulasta has been working with welding robots since 1990 and has built up a great deal of experience and expertise. We have no fewer than 13 welding robots, of different capacities up to a maximum length of 18 metres, which means we can robotically weld large-size assemblies.

Offline programming

The robots’ welding programmes are programmed offline, using sophisticated software which allows us to simulate and (if necessary) optimise the entire welding cycle before it’s even begun.

Advanced machinery

All our welding robots are equipped with a seam detecting system which enables the robot to accurately track the product’s position on the mould and determine where the weld needs to be made. Seam-tracking technology enables all our robots to compensate for any movements caused by the heat. These technologies help us to deliver the highest possible quality standards.

The welding robots are used in conjunction with external manipulation axes on which products are fixed using a quick-change system. This ensures that products can always be manoeuvred into the optimal position for robot welding.

Large-size metalworking

The department contributes to the total combination offered for large size metalworking. The combination of large size cutting, large size bending and large size welding makes Dulasta the ideal partner for the production of your large metal components.

We will be happy to advise you, even during the engineering phase, in calculating sheet metal flat patterns for complex pieces. Feel free to contact us via the contact form, by phone or e-mail.