Construction and infrastructure

We make a range of products for the construction and infrastructure industries, including concrete formwork and trench shoring.

Divers steel profiles with a maximum length of 18 meters

  • Sheet piles
  • Z-profiles
  • Pile caps

Steel parts for street furniture and civil constructions

  • Jetties
  • Bollards

Parts for formworks

  • Formwork panels
  • Trenches/trench shoring
  • Trusses

In addition to making steel profiles and steel parts for formworks, street furniture and civil constructions, you can also find clamping tables and flattables here.

Large size sheet metal in contracting- and infra industry

Especially in the contracting- and infra industry, large sheet metal is commonly used. Dulasta has the capabilities to supply you in your end-to-end needs in this regard. What is more, large size sheet metal is our specialty. 


It is possible to deliver steel constructions with a CE-marking. Dulasta is extensively certified to process steel components. Please have a look at our Certification page to view our certificates.