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We have a very modern and comprehensive range of machinery. This large range of machines allows us to produce both small and large steel components and both light and heavy products. Due to our machinery, we are able to offer a complete package of solutions for the processing of metal. From laser cutting, plasma cutting or oxy-fuel cutting to a complete weldment.

Laser cutting


2 x Bystronic Bystar 4025

Capacity: 8000 x 2500 x 25 mm.
Power capacity: 4 kW
CO2 laser that we use to do precision cutting jobs in steel up to 25 mm thickness and stainless steel up to 15 mm thickness.

Plasma cutting


Microstep PLS 12001.30P 260A

Capacity: 12.500 x 3.000 mm.
Power capacity: 260 A
Plasma cutting of steel up to 40 mm thickness and aluminium up to 25 mm thickness.


KnippenLVD 4050 x 8

Capacity: Cutting of sheet steel 4050 x 8mm S355

Automated deburring and rounding

Deburring and roundingDeburring + rounding line Ernst 1400 EG3M + Fladder Gyro 300

Capacity: Capacity: Automated deburring and rounding with a radius of 0.5 mm for products with maximum dimensions of 12,000 x 1,300 mm.

Machinaal afbramen en afronden

Ernst Pluto 600 + deburring unit

Capacity: Automated deburring and rounding with a radius of 0.5 mm for products with maximal dimensions of 3,000 x 600 mm.


zetten / kanten groot formaat

Beyeler press brake 18,000 x 3,000 Tonnes

Suitable for the largest and thickest sheet metal in Europe.
Bending-lenght: 18.000 mm.
Press force: 3.000 Ton
Input: 12.300 mm.
Output: 600 mm.
Fitted with an advanced back gauge system with 8 axles, with a reach of 3,000 mm.


Zetten kanten groot formaat

LVD 8.000 x 1.000 Tonnes

Bending-lenght: 8.000 mm.
Press force: 1.000 Ton
Input: 7.000 mm.
Output: 400 mm.
With a force of 600 tonnes per metre, suitable for medium sized and heavy sheet metal.


Zetten / kanten groot formaatSafan 7.500 x 450 Tones

Bending-lenght: 7.500 mm.
Press force: 450 Ton
Input: 6.300 mm.
Output: 400 mm.
Can be fitted with a large gooseneck punch, making it possible to produce all kinds of exotic profiles.


Zetten / kantenDarley 4.300 x 400 Tonnes

Bending-length: 4.300 mm.
Press force: 400 Ton
Input: 3.700 mm.
Output: 400 mm.
Can be fitted with a large gooseneck punch or high straight punches, for instance for six-sided profiles. The machine has a maximum opening of 820 mm!


zetten / kanten4x Bystronic 3.100 x 250 Tonnes

Bending-lenght: 3.100mm.
Press force: 250 Ton
Input: 2.750 mm.
Output: 400 mm.
A simple and quick machine for regular sheet metal, has a large assortment of punches and dies.


WalsenDAVI MCB 3034

Rolling machine

Maximum length: 3.000mm.
Maximum thickness for rolling: 20mm S355
Maximum thickness pre-bending: 16mm S355

This machine is also used to straighten metal sheets.


Robotlassen5x Panasonic VR 006L

-1 station 3.000 mm maximum of 1.000 kg.
-2 stations 3.000 mm maximum of 1.000 kg/ station
-2 manipulators at one 3.000 mm station with a maximum of 1.000 kg
-1 station up to 1.200 mm maximum of 500 kg.
-1 station up to 1.200 mm maximum of 500 kg.
Power: Mig/Mag up to 500 Ampere.

robotlassenPanasonic VR 006 CE 3

Capacity: 2 stations 3.000 mm with a maximum of 500 kg/ station

Power: Mig/Mag up to 350 Ampere.

robotlassenPanasonic VR 008L

Capacity: 2 stations 3.000 mm with a maximum of 1.000 kg/ station 

Power: Mig/Mag up to 350 Ampere.

The automatic thread-changing system allows us to work with different kinds of welding threads within the same programme.

lasrobot groot formaat4x Panasonic Tawers TA 1900

-1 station 6.000 mm with a maximum of 6.000 kg.
-2 stations 7.000 mm or 1 station 14.000 max 6.000 kg/station
-2 stations 6.000 mm or 1 station 12.000 mm max 6.000 kg/station
-2 stations 7.500 mm or 1 station 15.000 mm max 10.000 kg/station
Power: Mig/Mag 350 and 500 Ampere.

Robotlassen XXLXXL Robot installation

Dulasta bought a robot installation with two robots with a combined reach of 36 metres. This installation will be operational in 2017.

Longitudinal seam welding 2x longitudinal seam welder

-2,500 mm with adjustable height and double torch
-12,000 mm with adjustable height, double torch and tracking system.
Power: Mig/Mag 435 and 535 Ampere.

For seam welding tubes and multiple-edged products


Frezen groot formaatSHW UF 6 L

Capacity: 8.000 x 1.500 x 2.100mm (X,Y,Z)
Power capacity: 37 kW
Number of revolutions: 22-2200 rev./min.

With a rotating head and a rotary table for finishing the (welded) components from different angles. Equipped with a large vertical clamping board.

MillingHedelius BC-100

Capacity: 4.500 x 1.000 x 770mm (X,Y,Z)
Power capacity: 55 kW
Number of revolutions: 30-4500 rev./min.

Tool changer with 30 positions. This machine is also suitable for alternated work.

MillingCME HZ 60

Capacity: 3.500 x 1.200 x 1.500mm (X,Y,Z)
Power capacity: 30 kW
Number of revolutions: 1-3000 rev./min.

Equipped with a rotating head and a tool changer with 30 positions.


Okuma MC 60 VAE

Capacity: 1.250 x 630 x 610mm (X,Y,Z)
Power capacity: 22 kW
Number of revolutions: 10-5000 rev./min.

Tool changer with 20 positions. Equipped with a 4th axle for the finishing of the welded components.


profiel zagenMeba 410 DGA 1300 Lintzaag

Capacity: 14.000 mm profile length
Dimensions: 700mm x 410 mm profile dimensions

Sawing tubes and profiles with a maximum angular rotation of 60 degrees. The machine has an automatic feed.

profiel zagenKasto HBA 360 AU

Capacity: 14.000 mm profile length
Dimensions: 360mm x 360mm profile dimensions

Sawing tubes and profiles with a maximum angular rotation of 60 degrees.



Dulasta has its own transport service, three lorries, several curtain sliders as well as open trailers for larger products. This allows us to deliver your products fast and dry.

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