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Dulasta has been around for more than 25 years. The company was established in 1987, as a one-man-business, by current chairman Klaas Dunnink in a shed at his home, called “Lasbedrijf Dunnink”.

In 1994, the place became too small and the company was moved to the current location at the Industrieweg. In order to prevent confusion with other companies (Dunnink is the most common name in Staphorst) the name of the company was changed to Dulasta. Dulasta is a combination of the words DUnnink LAsbedrijf STAphorst, back then, welding was still the core business of the company.

Over time, the company premises has been expanded several times. In 2009, the hall across the existing building was added and as of 2015, there is an additional location in Hasselt (province of Overijssel). This location of 3.5 ha is very suited for the handling of larger components on account of the heavy production facilities and the 250 metres long quay (waterway class CEMT5). At present, we have 20,000 m² built production surface.


Dulasta has seen a tremendous development over the last few years. As of today, over 80 people are working for our customers on a daily basis. One of the main reasons for this development is surely the specialisation in the heavier segment of metalwork. By investing selectively in machinery and equipment, we have earned ourselves a name as a supplier for fellow businesses in the metal and concrete construction industry. Products made by Dulasta can also be found in loading and unloading systems, trailers, concrete and foundation molds and countless other applications.


Dulasta’s machinery is highly automated. These computerised machines guarantee fast, accurate and hence trouble-free production. Partly thanks to our flexibility as an organisation, we can deliver your products both in time and in accordance with your specific requirements.

Your product is our concern. Dulasta is cut out for the heaviest work…

You will come to find that we are the right partner for all your supplying!

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